2015 Subaru WRX Press Kit


• New platform offers a stiffer, more agile chassis for Subaru global performance icon
• New Active Torque Vectoring system reduces understeer
• New 268-hp 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo BOXER engine
• New standard 6-speed manual transmission
• New Sport Lineartronic™ transmission with manual mode

Cherry Hill, N.J.  -  Subaru of America, Inc. has introduced the all-new 2015 WRX, a more powerful and better handling version of the brand’s iconic high-performance model. Powered by a new 268-horsepower 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo BOXER engine, the 2015 WRX also debuts the model’s first 6-speed manual transmission, plus Active Torque Vectoring and a new, optional performance automatic transmission, the Sport Lineartronic with manual mode.

With its bold new wide-body sedan design and expanded performance envelope, the 2015 Subaru WRX marks a major evolutionary step for the rally-bred performance car that has become a global automotive legend. For 2015, the WRX employs a new Active Torque Vectoring system, an enhancement of the Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system that allows for improved agility. The new and stiffer chassis, larger front brakes, performance-tuned suspension and a driver-focused interior remain integral to the WRX performance character. The new powertrain also yields higher fuel efficiency than the previous WRX (manual transmission model).

At the same time, a roomier interior, upgraded cabin comfort and materials and a wide array of new user technologies give the new WRX a more refined feel. A premium audio system with harman/kardon®amplifier and speakers is offered for the first time in a WRX.

The 2015 WRX design deftly blends an aggressive stance with a sophisticated sport sedan theme. The new WRX features a much bolder front design with a deep front spoiler and unique grille. A new “nose-cone” design combines the grille and bumper cap into one unit ahead of the hood, which for the 2015 model is made from aluminum. The wide-body stance seen on the previous-generation WRX model is enhanced with new, standard 17-inch wheels. The hood, front fenders, doors and quarters, bumpers, headlights and taillight clusters are all unique to the 2015 WRX.

Specially designed for the 2015 WRX, the rear doors and fenders continue the model’s wide-body stance in a rakish new profile. The Subaru hexagonal grille is flanked by narrower headlights designed to evoke a raptor’s stare. The functional hood scoop, which supplies the intercooler with fresh air, is now set more deeply into the hood to provide better forward visibility.

Other new performance-oriented details include foglight surrounds with a carbon fiber-like pattern and vertical front fender vents that feature a bright garnish and a mesh screen. The top-of-line WRX Limited introduces new LED low-beam headlights; halogen lights are used on other models. The side sill spoilers that help to visually lower the car also help protect the doors from rock chips.

New standard 17 x 8-inch wheels feature a more aerodynamic design. At the rear, LED taillights, a diffuser, LED center high-mount stop lamp (CHMSL) and an available lip spoiler leave a distinctive signature.

The new WRX body structure makes greater use of high-tensile strength steel than the previous model and features special stiffening elements at key locations. Curb weight has increased by just 60 pounds versus the previous WRX, attributable to the new content, including the Subaru-developed direct-injection engine, 6-speed manual transmission, standard rear camera, larger brakes and improved interior.

Combined with the new Electronic Power Steering system, sport-tuned suspension and 235/45 R17 94W Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT tires, the stiffer chassis yields steering response that was benchmarked against top-handling sports cars.

Racing Pedigree
Subaru created the first WRX to campaign in the World Rally Championship, which it won three times. The 2015 WRX brings its racing pedigree to the road with a turbocharged FA-Series BOXER engine. The aluminum BOXER engine and simple, symmetrical drivetrain layout help to lower the WRX’s center of gravity, a trait that contributes to its sporty handling characteristics.

The new WRX 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder BOXER engine uses a combination of direct fuel injection, high compression (10.6:1), Subaru Dual Active Valve Control System (D-AVCS), a twin-scroll turbocharger and an intercooler to achieve outstanding performance and high efficiency. The engine produces 268 horsepower at 5,600 rpm, accompanied by a broad torque curve that peaks at 258 lb.-ft. over a 2,000-5,200 rpm engine speed range.

A further development of the FA20 engine used in the Forester 2.0 XT, the WRX version uses different camshafts and higher-rate valve springs, among many other enhancements, to extend the performance envelope. For example, the WRX engine has a redline of 6,700 rpm (6,500 rpm with the Sport Lineartronic transmission) vs. 6,000 rpm for the Forester 2.0 XT engine. Also, the WRX engine delivers peak torque from 2,000-5,200 rpm vs. 2,000-4,800 rpm for the Forester 2.0 XT engine.

The changes allow the WRX to develop its peak power using 15.9 psi turbo boost, vs. 17.1 psi in the Forester 2.0 XT. Premium fuel (91 AKI) is recommended. The 2015 WRX produces a deeper, more powerful sound thanks to a new exhaust system that eliminates one chamber in the muffler and shortens the internal tubing.

The new 6-speed manual transmission provides a wide ratio spread and incorporates several performance and durability improvements for this high-performance application, including carbon synchronizers on first and second gears.

New Sport Lineartronic Transmission with 6-Speed and 8-Speed Manual Modes

The 2015 WRX introduces the option of a new automatic transmission engineered to enrich the performance-driving experience. Models with the Sport Lineartronic also feature Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE), a powertrain performance management system that allows the driver to tailor the vehicle’s driving characteristics by choosing from among three selectable modes – “Intelligent,” “Sport” and “Sport Sharp” – using a switch on the flat-bottom steering wheel.

The Sport Lineartronic delivers an ultra-smooth driving character with the choice of stepped automatic shifting eight pre-selected ratios (when in Sport Sharp mode) and also 6-speed and 8-speed manual shifting modes using steering wheel paddle switches.

With Intelligent mode selected, SI-DRIVE provides a more relaxed throttle response curve, making it useful for commuting in traffic, for example. With more than a 40-percent throttle opening, the Sport Lineartronic will operate using stepped shifting.

Switching SI-DRIVE into Sport mode provides quick throttle responses and powerful, linear acceleration. If the transmission lever is in “D” while in Sport mode, any throttle application over 30 percent allows the transmission to operate using stepped shifting.

Moving the transmission lever to “M” while in Sport mode accesses a 6-speed manual mode using steering wheel paddle shift control switches.

Switching to Sport Sharp (Sport #) modifies the engine’s electronic throttle mapping to deliver even quicker throttle response. When Sport Sharp is selected, the transmission operates as an 8-speed in both normal and manual modes.

High-Performance Chassis
Significantly, Subaru benchmarked top sports cars when setting WRX steering performance targets. As a result, the new Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system, on much stiffer mounts, provides quicker response to steering input than other cars in its class. Gripping a new flat-bottom leather-wrapped steering wheel, the WRX driver will experience the kind of immediate steering response that separates the best sports cars from “sporty” cars. The 14.5:1 steering ratio provides a quick 2.8 turns lock-to-lock and a tight 35.4-ft. turning circle.

A much stiffer chassis than in the previous WRX pays dividends in sporty handling. The springs, dampers, crossmembers, subframe bushings, and front control-arm bushings and attachments are all stiffer. The front suspension struts feature thicker outer tubes, and the aluminum alloy lower control arms use pillow ball-type joint bushings and pillow ball-type joint mounts. Likewise, the rear suspension lateral links also use this type of bushing. Torsional rigidity is increased 41 percent compared to the previous WRX. The front stabilizer bar thickness is increased by 3 mm. Front spring rates were increased by 39 percent, and rear spring rates increased by 62 percent.

Larger front brake discs, now 12.4 inches in diameter (up from 11.6 inches) provide greater surface area and fade resistance. There is also a new master cylinder.

Active Torque Vectoring

Active Torque Vectoring is a yaw-control system employing the front brakes. When cornering, the system applies slight pressure to the inside front wheel to reduce understeer and enhance response. The multi-mode Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system offers three modes, Normal, Off and Traction. The latter disables stability and traction control but retains Active Torque Vectoring.

Two Versions of Symmetrical AWD
When equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission, the 2015 Subaru WRX uses the brand’s Continuous AWD version of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. A viscous coupling locking center differential nominally distributes torque 50:50 front to rear, and Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) provides stability and traction control. Should slippage occur, the system transfers more torque to the wheels with the best traction.

The new Sport Lineartronic transmission is teamed exclusively with the Variable Torque Distribution (VTD) version of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. A planetary gear-type center differential and an electronically controlled hydraulic transfer clutch manage torque distribution between the front and rear wheels. Under most conditions, VTD splits the torque 45:55, with the rearward torque bias contributing to handling agility. The VTD system continually optimizes torque distribution in response to driving conditions and input from steering wheel angle, yaw and lateral g-force sensors.

Premium Cabin
A one-inch longer wheelbase than the previous WRX is a factor in providing a markedly roomier cabin in the new model. The windshield is more raked than before, with the A-pillar pulled forward nearly eight inches at the base for better forward visibility, aided by a lower dashboard and narrower A-pillars. Lower side sills and wider-opening doors make ingress/egress easier. Rear seat legroom is increased by nearly two inches. Trunk capacity is now 12 cu. ft., up from 11.3 cu. ft. in the previous WRX sedan. A standard 60/40-split fold-down rear seat extends the WRX sedan’s versatility.

The high-performance feel starts as soon as the driver enters the 2015 WRX and grips the new flat-bottom, leather-wrapped steering wheel, which offers tilt and telescoping adjustments. The wheel integrates switches for audio and Bluetooth® control.

Rich-looking appointments and details abound, including soft-touch materials for the dashboard, door trim and center console armrest. Numerous compartments located in and around the center console hold all manner of personal items, such as phones, USB drives and MP3 players. The available power sunroof opens one inch farther than on the previous WRX.

Whiplash-reducing front performance design seats feature separate tilt- and height-adjustable head restraints, a change from the seats with integrated head restraints used in the previous WRX. The new high-grip black fabric is trimmed with red stitching, which is also used on the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. Leather seating is available, as is an 8-way power driver’s seat.

The dual gauge instrument layout features a 3.5-in. LCD central screen to display various functions, including oil level, remaining washer fluid and selected gear ratio.

New Amenities
The 2015 WRX is available in standard, Premium and Limited Trim lines. In all models, a new multi-information central display with 4.3-in. LCD screen provides a multitude of vehicle system functions, including a standard rear camera display, a boost gauge display, audio (on non-navigation models), Bluetooth® and climate control settings, and a VDC screen showing traction control operation. The display can also provide a vehicle self-check and maintenance reminder.

Standard features for the WRX include automatic climate control and a new standard audio system featuring AM/FM stereo with HD Radio®, single-disc in-dash CD player, 6 speakers, MP3/WMA capability, Radio Data Broadcast System (RDBS), Bluetooth hands-free calling and audio streaming, iPod® control capability, iTunes® Tagging, USB port, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio (subscription required), and a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input jack.

The WRX Premium steps up everyday comfort and convenience with the All-Weather Package (dual-mode heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors and windshield wiper de-icer), power tilt/slide glass moonroof, fog lights and illuminated visor vanity mirrors. A low-profile trunk spoiler augments the car’s aero body package.

The top-of-line Limited builds on the Premium, bringing a new level of luxury to the WRX with leather-trimmed upholstery, an 8-way power driver’s seat and Welcome Lighting. Exclusive to the WRX Limited, LED low-beam headlights provide a unique look and enhanced visibility. The high beams are multi-reflector halogen units, and the system includes automatic off/on.

The WRX Premium and Limited offer as options the Sport Lineartronic transmission and a Touch-screen Navigation System with 6.1-inch LCD screen, voice controls and harman/kardon premium audio featuring 440-watt amplifier and 9 speakers (with subwoofer.) With this option package, the WRX Limited also features Keyless Access.

Subaru Safety
Subaru’s renowned safety package uses the brand’s proven Ring-shaped Reinforcement Frame body structure, which has been shown to excel in the new small overlap test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In the cabin, a driver’s knee airbag is added to the roster of safety features that includes front side pelvis/torso airbags and side curtain airbags that offer front and rear outboard seat coverage.

Subaru produces a full line of all-wheel drive sedans, crossovers and SUVs, along with the rear-wheel drive BRZ sports car.

About Subaru of America, Inc.
Subaru of America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan. Headquartered in Cherry Hill, N.J., the company markets and distributes Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive vehicles, parts and accessories through a network of more than 600 dealers across the United States. All Subaru products are manufactured in zero-landfill production plants and Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. is the only U.S. automobile production plant to be designated a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. For additional information visit www.subaru.com.

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