October 30, 2014 , Tokyo, Japan -


Tokyo, October 31, 2014 - Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, to day announced its consolidated financial results for the first half of fiscal year ending March 31, 2015.

< FYE2015 1st Half Results: Consolidated Net Sales >
Subaru’s Japan sales fell 18.1% from a year ago to 72,000 units due to the prolonged effects of the consumption tax hike, posting a decrease in both passenger car and mini car sales. Overseas sales rose 17.9% to 360,000 units, driven by continued high demand for the Forester together with strong sales of the WRX series as well as the all-new Legacy and Outback that were launched in North America ahead of other markets in the world. In total, Subaru’s global sales increased 9.9% to 432,000units.
FHI’s consolidated net sales rose 16.4% to 1310.2 billion yen due to unit sales growth, foreign exchan ge gains and other factors.

< FYE2015 1st Half Results: Consolidated Profit andLoss >
As increases in SG&A and R&D expenses were covered by unit sales growth, exchange rate gains, cost reduction progress and other factors, operating income rose 23.2% to 185.7 billi on yen while ordinary income grew 20.3% to 176 billion yen and net income increased 13.2% to 113 billion yen.
Global unit sales, overseas unit sales, net sales and all profit figures posted all-time records for the first half period. (*1)

< FYE2015 Full-Year Forecasts >
Full-year projections are revised upward to net sales at 2,780 billion yen, operating income at 382 billion yen, ordinary income at 370 billion yen and net income at 241 billion yen. While there are changes from the previous projections to be incorporated such as an increase in R&D spending to enhance product competi tiveness for the company’s sustainable growth as we ll as a decrease in unit sales mainly in Japan, those factors are projected to be covered by revised currency rate assumptions, SG&A reduction efforts, further progress on cost reduction, and so on.
Global unit sales, overseas unit sales, net sales and all profit figures are projected to reach all-ti me highs in FHI history. (*2)
Currency rate assumptions: 104 yen/US$, 137 yen/euro

Based on the consolidated financial results for thefirst half and consolidated financial forecasts fo r the full year, FHI will raise the interim and year-end dividends from the previous projectioneach by 3 yen to 31 yen per share. Accordingly, the annual dividend for FYE2015 will be 62 yen per share, an increase of 6 yen fromthe previous year.

< Previous Forecasts for FYE2015 (Announced on July31, 2014) >
Net sales: 2,720 billion yen
Operating income: 340 billion yen
Ordinary income: 330 billion yen
Net income: 215 billion yen
Currency rate assumptions: 100 yen/US$, 135 yen/euro

*1: Since fiscal year ended March 2001 - the year F HI started half-year consolidated financial reporting
*2: Since fiscal year ended March 1986 - the year F HI started full-year consolidated financial reporting

Forward-looking statements in this document including financial and other forecasts are based on the information available at the time of the announcement and are subject to various risk s and uncertainties that could cause actual resultsto vary materially.