January 19, 2018 , Camden, NJ -


When the Riletta Twyne Cream Family School suffered major water damage following a burst pipe during this month’s record-breaking cold front, the school’s teachers worried about two things: their students’ education, and how they would stock up on new school supplies in time to re-open their classrooms.

After a week’s absence, the school re-opened yesterday, January 17th, occupying a new building in an unused school on the other side of Camden. Staff used to fully equipped classrooms are making due with just the basics, and were excited to receive ready-made classroom supply kits courtesy of Subaru of America, which is moving its U.S. headquarters to Camden this year.

Subaru provided all 25 Cream school classrooms with a classroom supply starter kit, consisting of:

- 200 pre-sharpened pencils
- 6 packs of loose leaf lined writing paper
- a classroom set of crayons (25 packs)
- a set of dry erase markers and eraser
- sharpies
- post it notes

Moving an entire K-8 elementary and middle school into a new building in less than five days is no easy feat, but Cream School’s staff were up for the challenge.

“No matter the circumstances, as educators we do what it takes to give our students a great learning environment,” said Principal Herbert Simons. “Facing challenges with positivity and determination is a great way to teach our students to be resilient and persistent. We are incredibly grateful to Subaru of America for being such a good neighbor and helping our teachers return to normalcy after such an unexpected mid-year move.”

“Subaru works closely with Camden schools as part of our Subaru Camden Works and Subaru Loves Learning initiatives,” added Sandy Capell, corporate responsibility and philanthropy manager, Subaru of America. “As soon as we heard about how these hardworking teachers’ classrooms were impacted by the flooding, we knew we had to help. We wish Cream School teachers, staff and students a great second half of the school year in their new home.”

Photos of Subaru staff delivering boxes of school supplies to Cream teachers and students are available here.

Riletta Twyne Cream Family School was closed for emergency repairs and cleanup following a burst pipe and resulting building damage on Monday, January 8. The burst pipe was a result of record-breaking low temperatures on January 6-7. Due to extensive building damage, the building will remain closed for the rest of the year, and the school has relocated. Cream North is now operating at 445 North 9th Street, Camden, NJ 08102. Students receive bussing to their new school location each morning, and all classes remain together. Cream’s new school building is just five-years old, and equipped with modern technology and learning facilities.